Church Update

Dear Members and Friends of Prospect Street United Methodist Church,

As the COVID numbers in the Marion-area and in Ohio continue to rise, families from our church are becoming increasingly affected, and our local resources – especially Marion General Hospital – are under great strain, it has become regrettably necessary to pause our in-person activities until further notice beginning this Sunday, November 22.  This course of action joins us with the other United Methodist congregations in Marion County.  Our Bishop and district leadership are encouraging and supportive of the congregations in our conference to take this action.  In addition, OhioHealth leadership is also cautioning us about the increasing strain on Marion and Columbus’s hospital resources.  Some of our school systems are also no longer able to keep the balance, and some need to return to remote learning.  Some schools in our area are now fully remote until at least after Thanksgiving.

Not only will our actions continue to protect the most vulnerable in our congregation, but it will also show that we are committed to helping protect our local hospital, schools, businesses, and the entire community.  We will be living out our call to love and protect our neighbors as we love and protect ourselves.

We continue prayers for God’s healing for those recovering or currently dealing with this virus, and for all of those who find themselves on the front lines of this pandemic.  The tiredness and frustration that we are feeling are immeasurable to the stress, heartache, and exhaustion that they face daily.

In the meantime, we will continue to find ways to stay connected, to honor and glorify God, and remain thankful for all that God is given to us.  I so look forward to when we can safely gather in-person again.

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Ty