About Prospect Street UMC

On Sunday, June 1, 2014, Prospect Street United Methodist, the red brick church sitting on the corner of S. Prospect and W. Church Street, celebrated 100 years on this corner.

The original church building on the corner of South Prospect and West Church Streets known to be “The Most Beautiful Edifice in Marion” was built in 1869 on the former site of Duncan’s Brewery and later the J.B. Salmon residence. This corner land was purchased for $1,369 from the Salmon family.  The church building foundation was 38’x58’ with the inscription, “Deutsche Bische Meth. Kirche 1869.”  (translation: “German Meth. Church under Bishop 1869.”) Unfortunately, the church building was condemned by the city of Marion in 1913 due to the steeple being too tall and having other structural problems. It was torn down in March 1913.

On April 12, 1913, ground was broken on the corner for a new church building. The oldest member, William C. Dennig, took the first shovel of dirt. On June 2, 1913, the cornerstone was laid. This new building was completed, with the help of the firemen from the fire house across the street, on Mother’s Day, May 10, 1914, at a cost of $35,000. Thus, the beginning of what is known today as the red brick church on the corner of S. Prospect and W. Church Streets, Prospect Street United Methodist Church.

Prospect Street UMC is known today as “Your Country Church Downtown” which is Christ-Centered with friendly people who are community focused.  There is always room for more people.

Mission of Prospect Street United Methodist Church

The Body of Christ united to celebrate God’s gifts, to grow as disciples, and to serve all people.

The People of Our Church

  • Help people in our community
  • Accept you for who you are
  • Offer a place to belong
  • Care for and support each other
  • Show respect for other religions
  • Support people facing difficulty
  • Welcome diverse opinions and beliefs
  • Guide others to find deeper meaning


Pastor, Joshua Freshour

Visitation Minister, Rev. M. Joseph Miller

Secretary, Erika Meligan

Organist, Jim Anderson