Attention Readers

The new reading list from United Women in Faith is out and I am excited about it!  I found that many books on the list are available at the Marion Library.  Each circle leader has been given a copy of those books and it is also available on the bulletin board in the church library.  Just look for the lists with blue tape.  Anyone can read these books, but UWiF can get credit for reading in each of five categories.  Besides that list there are also 4 new books in the library.

   Glory in the Margins:  Sunday Poems by Nikki Grimes.  These are poems that are read as part of worship services.  They are divided by months and each has a scripture reference.

   30 Days with E. Stanley Jones by John Harnish.  He was one of the world’s most influential Christians of the 20th Century.  This is a book about him, but also includes his quotes and prayers.  I have a personal interest in this one because he founded the ashrams that I attended.

Beating Guns: Hope for People Who are Weary of Violence by Shane Claiborne and Michael Martin.  This book shows how we can all be part of the solution.  Michael Martin is a blacksmith who turns guns into garden tools as scripture suggests.

Wonder Awaits – this is mainly a picture book encouraging parents to help their children to see the miracles of creation by Caroline Hamilton-Arnold.  Look for this large book on the top shelf under the bulletin board.

I hope I have stirred your interest.  I’m almost through a second one from the library.  If you get one from the church library, please sign the card and leave it in the card container.  I hope to hear your comments on what you read.  Norma Stump